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We are just one moment's sunlight

as it fades against a leaf

like the blazing autumn season's

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Burst of color... bright and brief.

Why then is it that I always

Train my eye to see

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Only distant horizons

Not the flower in front of me

Hard to learn to live the moment

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Not to question how or why

A moment lights then flits away

Like memory's butterfly.


Butterfly in the Snow es el álbum debut de la compositora, pianista y escritora Tiana Andreas. Un CD emotivo y no sólo compuesto de bellas melodías, pues el libreto (con un diseño fascinante creado por Scott D. Davis) comprende pequeños versos en su interior, textos creados por la propia Tiana en su lengua natal, el griego.


Fifteen original piano solos grace this impressive collection and draw from a variety of sources for inspiration. Tiana’s Greek heritage could partially explain the passion she puts into her music and the beautiful poetry that graces the liner notes, but I was just blown away to learn that she took piano lessons for only a year as a child. More


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